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 Noob Alert!

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PostSubject: Noob Alert!   Sun Feb 22, 2009 5:12 am

So this is your first day in Metaplace? Where the hell do ya start?

Starter Kits are entire bases that you can choose to begin creating from. For example - want a simple apartment that allows you and your friends to walk around as customizable avatars? Make a world from the Metaplace Home Starter Kit and you'll inherit default walls, floors and furniture to get you started. Then all you need to do is browse the Marketplace for new objects or create your own! Want to make a space shooting game with pictures of your family instead of spaceships? The Space Shooter Starter Kit will provide you a basic shooting game that allows you to modify all the necessary components (the ammunition, the levels, the spaceships, the background, and the map). Starter Kits are an excellent way to make designing your own world fast, fun, and simple.

Read more here.
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Noob Alert!
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