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 Spooning Moons: The Journey World

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PostSubject: Spooning Moons: The Journey World   Mon Mar 30, 2009 4:08 am

As the above profile suggests, the intent of this world is to be an interactive world based on my graphic novel, Spooning Moons. There will be RP, combat and crafting. Right now most of my focus on art and textures. But I am slowly starting some collection games and figuring out one of the available combat systems.

This is the welcome area. There are RP tutorials, and information about aspects of the storyline available in the bookshelves. If you go into the basement you will be able to practice your combat on the rats. Well...once I get it running right. Shocked

One thing I do have running right, thanks to help from Zimzam, is my collection game. You can see in the welcome area there is a cat sitting by a table. Click it to place it in your backpack and its yours! It will remain in your pack and be waiting for you when you log in again. Some day there will be player housing and you can use your collectables to help decorate your very own dwelling.

Another feature we have running, thanks to KStarfire, is my custom emote system. At the upper left corner of the screen there is a yellow wrench. Click that to cycle through all the available emotes. You see above I have my OOC sign up. There are expressions and race symbols as well for when you get into the RP.

This is the crafting station in Kerrington Fields. bheilig has a wonderful crafting system he is going to show me how to impliment...when I have time. For now it has been tabled with the combat system, and here's why....

This was my first attempt at a building and it is totally unacceptable. After fretting through some options, then dealing with some RL and health issues, I am now sitting down to learn Blender, which is a 3D program available online for free. It is not the most user friendly of the free 3D programs out there, but after talking to some other artists, I have decided that it is the one that will make me the most happy. It will satisfy my need for furniture and buildings, as well as animated creatures on down the road.

See other posts in this forum to read about my experiences with analog art animation and learning Blender.
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Spooning Moons: The Journey World
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