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 My Personal Claim to Fame: Trees

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PostSubject: My Personal Claim to Fame: Trees   Mon Mar 30, 2009 5:00 am

First day in Metaplace was fun. The wall builder was very much like UO's and the isometric view was similar too. So the first undertaking I did was to painstakingly pull UO trees out of my screencaps for my world. Yeah I know, copyright, but we're in beta and they made me happy.

But eventually, I knew, I needed my own trees. Metaplace trees just didn't fit with what I wanted to do. So I went googling for trees that could be edited and twisted and changed to become my own creations and fit in my world AND...

Make me happy.

To my surprise, my photo manipulations were a hit! Not only are people buying them off Marketplace every day, but they will be included in the next version of Metaplace Central! I tell ya, the biggest stroke to my ego is randomly visiting worlds to find my trees there. Or being asked by staff or alphas if they can use them.

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My Personal Claim to Fame: Trees
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