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 Old World Game by Daallinii

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PostSubject: Old World Game by Daallinii   Thu Apr 09, 2009 6:10 pm

"Old World is a quest and exploration game where you have to find hints to solve the game and go to the last world. Including 5 mini-games and 12 different locations and more then 40 hints, the game is a slow pace one (no shooter or platform style here) and is a visual, audible and clickable world. So have your sound, your eyes...and your heart wide open..."

This is how Daallinii describes her new game, but it is much more. True to her proven style, she has created a visual experience that tops everything she has done thus far. Add in the sound effects, music and storyline, this game is a MUST SEE! Behind every box and cupboard is something to see or do. I have purposely not finished it yet because am not done enjoying the journey.

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Old World Game by Daallinii
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