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 Interest and availability

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Lolin Mojowd

Lolin Mojowd

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PostSubject: Interest and availability   Fri Jul 10, 2009 8:05 am

Pipe in on this thread if you are interested in playing, what characters you are working on and what times/days are good for extended periods of play. Also let us know if this will have an obvious change when the school year starts. Let us know if you are primarily interested in level raising missions, text RP or both.

Right now I have a level 5 cleric (Uriel Mojowd), a level 4 sorcerer (Danis Amiot), a higher level NPC (Lolin Mojowd)who will be an eventual adversary. Uri and Danis live in Balwood's Edge and you'll just have to guess where Lolin is...or what name she goes by these days. Rowena Melehan and her sister Luka are half-elves who reside in the Vale of Eb'Reen. Row will be a level 3 fighter or archer, while her sister has yet to be trained.

I work at home so am somewhat flexible.
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Reveka Amiot

Reveka Amiot

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PostSubject: Re: Interest and availability   Fri Jul 10, 2009 2:58 pm

Yay playing!!!

Anddddd.... there's already at least one mission in the works for when people want to play, Oh My!

I currently have a level 4 sorceress (Reveka Amiot), a level 5 rogue (Adelia Vought) who hangs with the gypsies and a high level NPC (Ellise Morgant) Who is the Queen of the Imperial Lands upon which your characters live. I will have more history up on her soon Wink She lives in Dastrin of course, as that's where her castle is. There will be more soon, don't you worry.
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Interest and availability
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