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 Orc Mission

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Lolin Mojowd


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PostSubject: Orc Mission   Sat Jul 18, 2009 12:48 am

Reveka nodded her thanks and stepped outside with Uriel. It would be after lunch so they wouldn't be interupting the mayor with that anyways. Down past her own house they walked, for the mayor's house was all the way wrapped about closest to the church. "Genevieve is very kind, not like her mother, thankfully. Her mother... i find wretched."

It was a nice day outside, clear and sunny. Hard to beleive orcs and death were happening on a daily basis. But it would be a completely different scene if the town were sacked. "Indeed?" He glanced to her, then looked forward again. "I find myself quite interested to know....what you would find wretched."

"I am sure you will get the chance to meet her... she has a similar look to her daughter. Her mother disowned her, for marrying 'beneath her status', a farmer..." Reveka paused and then shook her head. "Listen to me... gossiping. Sorry." She remarked, walking at his side, quite careful not to touch his arm or move to take his hand or even bump him accidently.

He chuckled, seeming for all the world to be not having trouble not touching her. "Not gossiping. It is important for the town healer to know his people." As they made the round he paused his speech to look at the temple as they walked.

The rather large house, with the vast amounts of land about it was the house belonging to the mayor, even a stone gate and walkway with which to pass through to get to his land. It was almost a loop and at the center of it, the church and another large building was a fountain. Rather beautiful really. "The building just there, is the academy, it's small, not like the ones in the Imperial city, but it's where the mages and the like train here." Since the clerics trained in the church.

Beneath the stone arch she walked and to the door, knocking. A few moments later a man dressed in fine clothes, looking rather put out by simply having to answer the door, was there to greet them. He looked first to Uriel, wrinkling his nose but then caught sight of Reveka. "Ah, Miss Amiot, i trust you are well... come in come in. More of your berries then for the pies for the Mayor and his family?"

Uriel smiled to the mayor. "I am afriad Miss Amiot is here at my request for I seek an introduction." He offered his hand to the mayor. "My name is Uriel Mojowd and I am the new healer, sent from IMperial City."

"Using the good graces of Miss Amiot then to gain favor?" He arched a brow, reaching his hand out to shake his. "Wise tactic if nothing else, healer. Come in then, both of you." The mayor said and gestured them inside. The house seemed busy, a small child or two running about - also dressed finely, and screaming at the top of their lungs - likely just to make noise and get noticed. A shorter woman peered down from the top of the steps, her own red hair hung just below her chin in curls, showing off her slender neck - which of course is adorned with a fancy piece of jewelry. "Oh stop with that noise or I'll send you off with your sister!" Though she stopped short of saying anything else upon noting there was company and retreated back up the steps.

Uriel shook the man's hand and entered, seeming not to notice anythingout of the ordinary, even smiling as the children ran about as if it were the most natural thing in the world. "I appreciate you seeing us." Turning back towards the mayor. "I beleive there are grave matters at hand that need your attention."

"If this is about the Orc bandits, raiders... whatever you want to call them, Douglas already came to me - more so about you, boy. Trying to put him out of business by having him house those people without paying." Mayor Rawland shook his head. "He was in a right fit the other night. " Reveka cleared her throat.

"Well he needn't have to worry about it, I've been having the families stay with me." She answered and then licked her lips before continuing. "I told them that you wouldn't have it any other way, knowing the troubles they went through to get here, that they shouldn't have to pay more than they are able - especially after having to pay the healer - who pays the same taxes that the Tavern does." Her dark eyes met the mayor and he looked as though to remark but had nothing to comment on her words - well played.

"I can post a reward and see who answers it - but even then, it's sending out people that could come back just as injured as the travellers. I have post that will be sent to the Queen, but even that will take days to reach there."

Pride swelled up in Uriel's breast as Reveka played her card so elequantly. he would not mention the fact that the tavern won't have -any- business if travelers ceased to come from the south to trade. Other businesses as well would suffer, for not getting needed supplies. It was clear that this would go nowhere with this man.
"I beleive there are travelers who, unlike the traders, have the skills to at least scout and see what we are dealing with. I would be happy to contribute to such a reward."

"We -have- money for the reward, Healer Mojowd." Came the same female voice from before, her chin lifted. "plenty of it to offer up what should be adequet reward for such endevours." Her face rightly powdered now, cheeks rouged. The Mayor nodded his head. "3000 gold should be more than enough."

"What about you, Miss Amiot, will you and your brother be heading out to 'vanquish' the evil?" Asked Mrs. Rawland in that 'better than thou' tone of hers.

"No, ma'am." Reveka shook her head. "I will be staying here to help Healer Mojowd out - besides, my brother is still up north, so someone should stay behind and protect our lands - should the troubles continue to press this direction."

"Indeed. Master Amiot is expected soon. I am sure he will be here by the time such an adventure can be organized." He looked from Mrs. Rawland to the mayor. "I really do appreciate your time....and your help." He offered the man a half bow.

"Guarding a home is no job for a lady, Miss Amiot." Miranda Rawland scolded and simply shook her head. "You should be getting yourself wed and not running about as you do." That said she turned to pick up one of her own children wandering off to another room. The Mayor watched her go and looked between Uriel and Reveka. "Welcome to our town Mr. Mojowd, good day to you both."

Let outside, Reveka looked up to Uriel, walking towards the fountain. Once out of earshot she sighed. "That is what i mean by wretched.."

How does Monday afternoon or evening sound? I know Sha is traveling Tuesday and Kevin and I travel Thursday. If we get enough, we will do a fighting mission. If not, we will do tavern RP or a scouting mission.
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PostSubject: looking around   Sun Jul 19, 2009 1:17 pm

Walking around the fountain, he notices two others walking, their path coming from the mayor's house. "If I was walking with someone like her I would be holding her somehow, sheez, " noticing the two walkers keeping their distance from each other. "She must be his sister..."

"Ok," he says to himself more so than to anyone else, since there is no one else about. "Mayor's house, big with a stone gate. This must be the place." He looks around, scanning for something... "Ah there it is." he notices an ad plastered to the gate. "Three thousand gold, eh? I wonder if this fool Mayor keeps that much just sitting around the house. I'll have to check it out." He slaps his chest and travelers dust forms a cloud around his head. "Guess I should tidy up a bit first." He turns to walk into the city, noticing a church on his way past.
"Damn, if I am still here for the weekend I'll have to stop in and pay my respects... or have them pay me actually...." He grins a wicked grin. "I do so love stealing from the church. What ummm, wretched people. Holier than thou, most perfect come Sunday mornings. Yeah, whatever."

Pondering who he will be in this town, he decides on being himself, although maybe with a different look. "Ok Caldmoore, (choosing a name from long ago since he knows not who might his father be nor even his home) lets play this one by ear." And off he goes in search of an inn...

(sorry, I have no schedule that I can stick to. Monday and Tuesday I have immigration and embassy all day and most likely not have electricity one of those days. We have it today but we aren't supposed to, no idea what that means.)
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PostSubject: Re: Orc Mission   Mon Jul 20, 2009 7:33 pm

(NP hun, this situation will be ongoing.)
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PostSubject: Re: Orc Mission   

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Orc Mission
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