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 Update 5/25/2010

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Lolin Mojowd


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PostSubject: Update 5/25/2010   Tue May 25, 2010 5:32 pm

Last we played, our stalwart band of adventurers discovered the location of the orcs that have been plaguing the area and have vanquished them. Adelia has set up camp at this location, but this is only known by Danis and Hunter (though neither of them know about the other). Hunter, in the meantime, has produced 'legal' documents proving his ownership of the Amiot estate and drummed out the twins, Reveka and Danis. Reveka has taken residence with her fiance, Uriel Mojowd, who is Balwood's healer.

In the west, the almost extinct Avariel of Gregin Mountains found other survivors of the recent continental orc war further down the southern coast. This gives them more hope of preserving thier race with less forced pairings.

Travelers came to Balwood after defeating a mutated winged orc and brought the corpse to Uriel for study. Once news of this got out, an angry crowd gathered, fueled by Hunter's influence and demanded the corpse. Head and entrails were displayed, but Hunter managed to obtain most of the corpse in his keeping for some unknown reason. He immediately began preparations for extended travel.

Where did this winged orc come from? Was it even real? What is Hunter's interest in it? These are just a few of the questions being asked at the Three Mugs Full tavern in Balwood.
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Update 5/25/2010
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